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General site help

Colour Theme and Navigation

Your account options and areas are now all listed on the left hand side of the site. If you want to see the site in a different colour, you can choose the coloured buttons to a theme that suits you. Your usual account options are shown under the My Account heading.


The new site design allows you to see clearly whether a profile is online and what account type they are. An online user will display a stronger border around the profile photo and a darker username. If the user has a green photo border, they are a couple, blue means male and pink means female. Offline members show a lighter grey username.


New Mail alert

If you have new messages, a counter will be shown along side the Mailbox option in your My Account menu showing how many new messages you have.

Inbox and Sent

Messages that are unread are highlighted with an unopened envelope.


You can compose a new message in the same manner that you are used to, entering who you want to send a message to, a subject, and text. To add a photo, select Add Photo and choose a photo from your gallery that you want the receiver to see.



Your photos will be broken down into two main album types - public and private. You can manage each album individually and each photo has it's own menu to give you total control. Using the drop down menus, you can edit your photos and move your photos between albums. If there's a particular photo that you like, you can even set it as the album cover or as your new profile photo / site avatar. Your profile photo will be a non adult public photo which is what all of the other members will see alongside your name, so make sure you pick your favourite one!

Private Invites

There are two simply ways to manage invites to your public and private albums. If you select Manage on your photo album, in the invite display you can see who has been invited and how long for. You can send more invites by filling in the options or if you want to end an invite there's an option for that too. If you want to view a quick summary display to send an invite or see who has access to your albums, in your Photos section you can choose My Invites.

To see who has sent you private album invites, enter Photos and choose My Invites. This section shows you what members have sent you invites and how long they are for. Your My Invites page will also be accessible from the Gallery pages.


To add a new photo to your account, enter your Photo section and choose Upload.


New Friend alert

If you have any new friend requests, a counter will be shown along side the Friends option in your My Account menu showing how many new requests you have received.


You can make new friends, see online friends and what parts of the site they are on to join them. If you know someone else on the site that you aren't yet connected with, just press Friend on their profile.


Your account options are all held in the Settings area so you can have total control. You can change your username, password or update your email address. If you have recently moved or you want to adjust what part of the country others will see you are from, you can change this. There are also forum and privacy settings.


You can now choose new colours that your profile will be transformed into. Updating your profile is important especially to attract attention.


From your account you can post adverts to attract other site members or manage your existing adverts. If you fancy a meet within the next 72 hours, you can post a Quickie and specify who you want to meet, where and when - it takes seconds to post and perfect for short notice meets or if you are on the go.


The gallery pages allow easy scrolling through photos and videos. The search system allows you to see what photos and videos that you want and also from what types of members you want to meet. You can manage the results by the distance from your location, whether they were recently added or see some of the most popular photos. If you want to save your search to save time later, there's an option for that too.


The new chat room page shows you the status of the chat room and allows you to connect with thousands of online members. You can chat and watch other members via web cam, all inclusive.


The search system provides real-time figures on the amount of profiles and adverts that are on the site that you can meet. The new results page allows you to easily see profiles and adverts that you are interested in, who they are, where they are and what they are interested in. You can save your search results for later and receive mail alerts if there's a new member that matches what you are looking for.