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Cancelling your account

If regrettably you wish to leave the site, you can cancel your account.

Mouse click the Settings section of the site, listed under the 'My Account' menu on the left, followed by Cancel.

Cancel your paid subscription

Only members who pay monthly for their membership have subscriptions. For an annual membership, there is no subscription that needs to be cancelled.

If you have accepted an offer for a 7 day free trial (we do sometimes run this offer), you will need to cancel your paid subscription otherwise you will be charged once the free period ends.

To cancel your paid subscription, under the 'Paid Subscription' heading on the page, mouse click 'Cancel'. This will refresh the page and confirm the cancellation. If you cannot see any thing on the page about your paid subscription, you may have already cancelled this. If you are unsure however, you can raise a ticket to query this with us.

Cancel your account

Along side the instructions to cancel your account, mouse click 'Cancel'. This will then send you an email to the email address that your account was registered to. Inside this email will be a link that you mouse click that will complete the cancellation of your account.

Please note that account cancellations cannot be reversed.


In accordance with the terms and conditions, there are no refunds provided for either partially used membership, or if the cancellation instructions have not been completed.