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Changing your username

You can change your username through the Settings section of the site, listed under the 'My Account' menu on the left. Select 'Change' alongside the 'Username' line.

Valid username

You can choose a new username that is between 3-16 characters long. You can use alphanumerical characters or a hyphen -.

What will change

A username change will update your name throughout the entire site where the old name was referenced. The change will not hide your previous activity on the site.

Changing your username will not hide your identity on the site, it will update your old name to the new name.

Admin fee

There is an admin fee of £5.95 in place for all account type changes so you will need to have your payment method to hand to complete the process.

When will the change take effect

Username changes are processed in the early hours of the morning, at 02:00AM. Until this time passes after you've made the admin fee payment to complete this, please continue to use your old username.