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Unable to access the chat room

Nothing Loads

When clicking to enter the chat room, if nothing at all loads and all you see is a blank white page, please try clearing your web browser cache. You can do this by;

a) Pressing both 'Ctrl' and 'R' keys together which is a force refresh.

b) Deleting your temporary internet files. Most commonly this option is listed under the Tools menu on your web browser.


The problem may be specific to the web browser that you are using. Therefore trying alternative web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Opera may help. These browsers are free and readily available to download on the internet.

You can also use the desktop chat room which loads the chat room in a completely different problem called Abode Air, available as the second option down on the chat room page. You will need to have Abode Air installed for this to work.

Authentication Error

If when you are trying to join the chat room an authentication error appears, this indicates a problem specifically to your account. Please raise a Support Ticket ticket by clicking here and explain the message that you have seen.

Site Experiencing technical difficulties

If you can normally enter the chat room and all of a sudden there is a problem, please check the site help forum by clicking here. Most commonly issues are raised in this forum by other site members and Admin so you can ascertain whether others are having problems.